Terms of Reference

The Terms of Reference of the Building Control Alliance (BCA) is to;

• Act as an informed adviser, providing a single, coordinated information resource on the value of building control to society, including analysing and publishing data on the performance of the building control system in England and Wales

• Help set and maintain high standards in building control, including promoting best practice via its building control publications

• Liaise effectively with other industry organisations, providing the voice of building control on all critical working groups

• Respond in a coordinated fashion to Government and other policy proposals and initiatives where they concern pan-industry issues, in order to improve efficiency and minimise duplication in consultation

• Help its member organisations with generic information and support for their own lobbying activities

• Provide an information resource and support for campaigns to recruit and retention of the best talent within the building control profession

• Collaborate on research projects where there is mutual benefit and to ensure better dissemination of research findings

• Communicate its work, data and policy decisions effectively to all member organisations for wider dissemination among the building control industry.